You can loss fat and build lean muscle at same time

Maureen D. wrote

I would like to share my client Maureen D. experiences with my body transformation program.

“I want to share my transformation story with you guys. To give you a glimpse of my past, I was always very slim and could eat anything I wanted when I was younger. I was very active in sports and never gained an ounce. That, of course, was until I did start to gain weight and started the hamster wheel of going on a diet, loosing weight just to regain it again once the diet was over.

I had personal trainers that worked with me on my fitness goals, but I was missing some essential part. I was road cycling and still being very active in sports, but I had gained weight around my stomach. Sometimes I looked better than other times and bought clothes to hide the flaws. This has happened to so many of my friends that aren’t 29, or 39 years old anymore.

Life happenes, having children, demanding careers, and lifestyle choices all contribute to changes in the body. It was frustrating and I didn’t feel my youthful vigor, my sexiness, my personal power that I had felt before. I refused to be defined by a number and wanted to get back to the very best shape I could possibly be in.

I followed MyTrainer365 and others on Instagram for about a year looking at success stories and motivation and finally one night, I contacted MyTrainer365 about a free consultation. I picked them because I saw what they did and as well saw pictures of what they looked like. I thought if they could look like that maybe they could help me. What could it hurt?

I met Ondrej and he asked me about myself, what I wanted to achieve, what did I think I could achieve. He asked me to write down everything I ate for three days and send it to him. Just the exercise of doing this made me more conscious of what I ate and I thought I sent him a pretty good three days of food intake. I met with him and he said “you realize that you eat terribly.” I didn’t really know that, but agreed that I really did not know how to eat for fitness. I said if he would tell me what to do, that I would do it. I know that it takes 21 days to make a new habit so thought here we go!

The first thing I thought when I got the meal plan, is that I would gain weight from eating so much, but he assured me it was the correct foods and correct amount. I cleaned out my fridge and bought exactly what he put on my food list. It took a lot of organization and meal prep to change the way I ate, but I was determined, and by the end of 21 days I really did have it down, and yes the scale was down too!

I had never eaten so much and so regularly yet I kept loosing fat. I was eating clean for the first time in my life! I was supplementing my body with the proper dietary supplements that he put in my plan. I knew how to eat clean for the first time in my life. Ondrej was so helpful with nutrition tips, ideas and recipes. He explained how the supplements worked.

Who knew that dry cottage cheese, kefir and green apple slices with a dusting of cinnamon would become one of my favorite things to eat! It is an amazing taste and packed with high protein, probiotics and those delicious granny smith apples.


I stopped having sugar cravings. I stopped being hungry and overeating. I started sleeping better and feeling great and seeing what I liked in the mirror.

Fast forward to 12 weeks. My body had dramatically changed. I had lost 22lbs of fat, yes that ugly word fat. The stuff that causes health problems and takes your pride away.

It is very hard for me to admit that I was carrying this around. I always had an idea of being slim in my mind because that is what I had been for so many years, but when I had to take that first progress picture for Ondrej, I was faced with the hard fact that I was not anywhere near the shape I wanted to be in when I started this journey to fitness.

Ondrej is the perfect coach for me. He has vast knowledge of nutrition and supplementation combined with weight lifting and believes that I can attain anything that I see myself achieving. My goals are very big and this is my new lifestyle. He has given me the tools to hone myself into the best version of me.

At 12 weeks of on-line training I started training with Ondrej once a week which has taken my progress to another level. We are focusing on lean bulking now, in other words putting on lean muscle.

I feel fantastic, and it is a pleasure to love my body again! It is a pleasure to like my body naked, yes naked. This way of eating and training is part of my life now, and I continue learning more about nutrition every day from Ondrej and can’t thank him enough for his guidance and inspiration. I love to do many sports and the changes that have happened in my body made me stronger and able to do the sports I love better. I will share my progress as I continue. Thank you!


* Disclaimer: While this is an actual testimonial, it is no guarantee that you will receive the same outcome. Results may vary from person to person.

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