Muscle Gain and Fat Loss in Sync Program for Men

$499.00 $349.00

Ultimate 12 Weeks Body Transformation Program for men. Your guide to building a lean, shredded, great looking physique with your certified online personal trainer Ondrej Leipert.

Building a proportional, symmetrical body requires more than just pulling heavy deadlifts. It’s an art that takes a special training and nutrition plan.

The 12-weeks program is your guide to building muscle fast and creating your own statuesque physique!

Advanced customized diet plan includes nutrient dense foods measured exactly according your current stage and goal.


12 week body transformation Workout plan for men: custom-designed just for you
Meal-by-meal nutrition program based on your body’s needs and goals
Weekly critical assessment which allows for precise modifications to your nutrition and training programming
Weekly nutritional/supplements updates to prevent stagnation (upon review of performance log and pictures)
24/7 online support for any specific questions or concerns
Exclusive fitness app that allows you to view your workout plan, including instructive videos in the gym
Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available


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